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La Noix Tigrée, Tiger Nut drinks & snacks:

tastes great and good for you!

La Noix Tigrée offers a variety of dairy free and gluten free drinks & snacks made from tiger nuts (a tuber and not a nut!).

Céline, the founder, first tasted and fell in love with the tiger nut vegetable milk called "horchata de chufa" in Spain.  She launched La Noix Tigrée in order to develop her own line of healthy food products based on Tiger Nuts but complemented with specific Superfoods.

All of La Noix Tigrée products are 100% vegetable, natural, organic*, vegan, gluten-free, packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin E, omega 6 and resistant starch.


They are rich in prebiotics and are considered as super foods such as Goji, Spirulina, and chia seeds provide energy, antioxidants and aid digestion.   Click here  for more tiger nut health benefits .

La Noix Tigrée is committed to providing minimally processed, healthy food products : free from palm oils, free from additives and preservatives, with no added oil or refined sugar, and no GMOs. 

 La Noix Tigrée makes a great addition to your favorite breakfast or as a healthy naturally sweet and savory snack! 


* Except for the products containing activated charcoal